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Ashmole Academy Trust

Academy Trust


Ashmole Academy Trust was formed in 2015 building upon the success of Ashmole Academy and its tradition of outstanding school performance. The Trust has a motto that ‘excellence is a habit’ and seeks to achieve that in all that it does. The Trust sets the highest ambitions for its work creating a learning environment in its schools which is second to none. The Trust wants to provide the highest school attainment for all its pupils and students, whatever the age will be. Happiness, safety and a strong sense of community prevail.

The Trust provides the highest quality of service to the community and to its parents and carers working in partnership so that jointly the greatest success and benefit can come to the pupils and students that attend the Trust’s schools. Academic success is not the sole purpose of the Trust. It seeks to provide excellence in music, in sport, in the Arts and in every field of activity that a school should provide. It is also about developing the qualities that are so desirable in any young person today. Qualities such as self-reliance, courtesy, respect, initiative, citizenship and determination that can carry a pupil and student through schooling into higher education and beyond into the work place, are qualities that the schools will actively develop.

In pursuit of excellence, the Trust provides the highest qualities, facilities and outstanding teaching. It is an organisation that provides optimum conditions for teachers and its staff to work; it trains its teachers and provides the very best standard of teaching and learning for the pupils and students who attend the schools.